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Flash Power Mop with Jet Action Sprayer
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Flash Power Mop with Jet Action Sprayer

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All-in-one Floor Cleaning System. With Jet-Action-Sprayer.
The ready to use system for all your cleaning needs. Cleaning solution dissolves dirt and stains on contact. Jet-Action Sprayer for fast moreand easy cleaning. Super Absorbent Pad locks dirt and liquid away.
CONTAINS: 3 absorbent pads. 1 Bottle multisurface Solution. 1 Power Mop.
Cleans all floors* including wood!
The Flash Power Mop is a ready to use all-in-one floor cleaning system. Flash Power Mop is the fast and easy way to meet all your floor cleaning needs. Whether it's a light or thorough clean, a big or small surface, a fresh spill or a tough stain, Flash Power Mop is the easy and most convenient way to get the end result you want. Our unique powered jet-action sprayer and advanced cleaning solution power through tough dirt and stains, dissolving them on contact. The disposable cleaning pads, with their super-absorbent Lock-Away Core and Cleaning Cuffs, then pull and trap more dirt, grime and hair then any other pad to help keep it off your floors. Flash Power Mop is safe on virtually all floors*, including finishing wood.
FLASH POWER MOP. PUSH-BUTTON activator - No tiresome trigger pulling. SWIVEL easily cleans those HARD-TO-REACH AREAS. NO-LEAK system for easy and SAFE STORAGE. JET-ACTION SPRAYER for fast and easy cleaning.
CLEANING SOLOUTION. Kit includes Multi-Purpose cleaner. Also available in 1L refill bottles.
DISSOLVES TOUGH DIRT AND STAINS on contact. READY-TO-USE! No rinsing or mixing required. Has a CLEAN, FRESH SCENT. Leaves virtually NO STREAKS OR HAZING. Under normal usage, one 1L refill cleans for approximately 2-3 MONTHS (345ml/month).
DISPOSABLE CLEANING PADS. LOCK AWAY CORE pulls and traps dirt deep inside. CLEANING CUFFS trap large dirt and hair particles. LEAVES NO DULLING RESIDUE.
ONE PAD easily cleans about 3 FURNISHED ROOMS (Based on average European room size of 15m² with on average 50% of the floor unfurnished and requiring cleaning).
Durable components and parts protected by a 2 year warranty.
Mop MADE IN CHINA. Cleaning Pads MADE IN EU. Cleaning Solution MADE IN VIETNAM. Batteries MADE IN CHINA. less


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