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Ardmore Traditional Cask Highland Whisky (700ml)
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Ardmore Traditional Cask Highland Whisky (700ml)

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Ardmore Traditional Cask Highland Whisky (700ml)
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The only fully peated Highland malt - An intriguing proposition for any malt connoisseur Full, but relatively light, peating means more flavours compared to more heavily peated malts - The result is a more rounded flavour Enjoys the highest quality maturation, first in ex-bourbon barrels and then in traditional Quarter Casks - Greater contact with the oak gives a subtle sweetness Ardmore Traditional Cask Appearance Burnished gold. Nose A rich softness linked with a smooth, slightly dry aroma, combined with gentle, earthy, peat smoke. Palate Full and rich flavours fill the mouth with a creamy peat tang and a touch of vanilla and sweet ripe fruit. Finish Full, succulent and quite long. The Ardmore distillery was first established in 1898 by Adam Teacher, descendant of William Teacher; the founder of the famous Teacher's blended Scotch whisky and it is the fingerprint malt of the blend. Ardmore Traditional Cask is the only fully peated malt whisky from the Highlands of Scotland. Ardmore is the only Highland malt whisky to be fully peated. Mainland Scottish peating creates a different flavour than found on Islay, less ‘iodine’ and softer. The peating is subtle at 12 to 15 parts per million (vs 50 for Laphroaig), allowing more complex flavours to emerge. Ardmore is double cask matured, the second maturation being in small 19th Century style Quarter Casks created specially for Ardmore. Ardmore is bottled at 46% ABV and non-chill filtered, a more traditional process that further preserves more of the natural flavours. Ardmore is unusual in not carrying an age statement. It is matured between 6 and 13 years, but only our master distiller knows when the cask is ready. The Golden Eagle is the brand symbol and reminder that some things should never change. Both are rare and wonderful, and an encounter with either will live long in the memory. ARDMORE® FOUNDED 1898 HIGHLANDS. PEATED. TRADITIONAL CASK. MATURED FOR A FINAL PERIOD IN SMALL 19TH CENTURY STYLE 'QUARTER CASKS'. NON-CHILL FILTERED. Full & rich, with unique Highland peat-smoke notes. A lightly peated Highland malt with a final maturation in Quarter Casks, Ardmore is very much a rarity. Much like the magnificent Scottish Golden Eagle, still found riding the warm thermals above our distillery. TYPE: HIGHLAND SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY. METHOD: DOUBLE CASK MATURED. 100% PEATED. NON-CHILL FILTERED. TASTE: FULL, SMOOTH, PEAT-SMOKE AND EARTHY RICHNESS, TEMPERED BY SUBTLE SWEETNESS. Founded in 1898 by one of Scotland's most famous whisky families, Ardmore Single Malt has a long commitment to quality. William Teacher was a believer in traditional distilling methods and insisted that Ardmore only used the aromatic smoke from natural, Highland peat fires to dry our malted barley. Sadly, today, the high cost has meant that only one Highland Distillery still routinely fully 'peats' its standard malt. Ardmore is rightly proud to the be that distillery. Our traditional methods extend to maturation. Ardmore Traditional Cask is double matured, first in the most usual oak barrels, and then in much smaller 'Quarter Casks'. These were common in the 19th century, but are too costly for most distillers to use today. Finally, bottled at 46% ABV, Ardmore is only barrier rather than chill filtered thus preserving the natural flavours. These methods ensure we maintain the quality of our uniquely complex and rewarding malt whisky. www.ardmorewhisky.com 46% VOL.

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