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Auchentoshan Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

The price of Auchentoshan Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml) in ASDA is £22.00.For each 100ml of Auchentoshan Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml) the price is £3.14. £22.00
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  • The Glenlivet®. George Smith's Original 1824 Pure Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Aged 12 years. Aged only in Oak Casks. Long before he won his official licence in 1824, George Smith began distilling The Glenlivet® on a wild hillside in the remote highlands of Scotland's Speyside region, renowned then and now as the famous heartland of malt whisky excellence. Today, his successors proudly make the same fine whiskey, in the same fine place. The Glenlivet® distillery stands where George Smith founded it almost 200 years ago. Near the River Livet, Josie's Well still pours forth its uniquely pure, mineral rich water to feed the mash tun. As it did in 1824. At this height (850 feet above the sea) the stills are run at a gentle heat, yielding a delicate fragrant spirit unique even in Speyside. Along with two centuries of tradition, only so grand a place could produce so fine a whisky and give The Glenlivet® its incomparable quality. The Duke of Richmond and Gordon was a great landowner in the Highlands of Scotland. In 1865 he wrote to George and John G,. Smith confirming the exclusive status of The Glenlivet®, already legendary even among the whiskies of Speyside, the famous heartland of malt whisky excellence.
  • "A strange and beautiful sight to see the fleet put silently out against a rising moon, the sea-line rough as a wood with sails, and ever and again and one after another, a boat fitting swiftly by the silver disk." ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON. THE GENUINE MARITIME MALT. Established in 1826 in the town of Wick, Pulteney Distillery is the most northerly distillery on the mainland and at that time was only accessible by sea. The barley was brought in by sea, the whisky shipped out by boat and many of the distillery workers were also employed as fishermen. Sadly the fishing industry is no longer part of daily life in Wick but Pulteney Distillery continues to operate using the same traditional distilling methods first introduced in the 1800's to create one of the finest Highland Malts available. Pulteney is one of the most unique Scotch whisky distilleries. The wash still has no swan neck and it is thought that when the original still was delivered, it was too tall for the stillhouse and the manager insisted it was "cut off". The spirit still resembles a "smuggler's kettle" and both undoubtedly contribute to the distinctive character of the whisky. Once distilled, the spirit is filled into a selection of specially selected bourbon and sherry casks and laid to rest in the distillery warehouses, until the distillery manager decides the optimum time for bottling each of the casks. Throughout the years of maturation, the casks have taken time to absorb the Northern Scottish sea breeze and as a result, Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch Whisky is often referred to as "The Manzanilla of the North". "Unashamedly excellent and deserves so much more recognition around the world". JIM MURRAY, WHISKY WRITER. Appearance: Deep amber, red golden (with a slight pink hue). Aroma: Medium to high intensity and complexity. Dry with a hint of sea-air. Tasting Notes: Dry, medium bodied and smooth with a clean finish: faintly salty with a slight sherry note. Pulteney Distillery-Wick. The most northerly distillery on the Scottish mainland.
  • PRODUCT OF SCOTLAND. ESTD 1798. A uniquely smooth, balanced single malt, with a RICH FULL FLAVOUR and a gentle smokey finish. DISTILLERY MANAGER. 40%vol. DISTILLED IN KIRKWALL. "THE GREATEST ALL-ROUNDER IN THE WORLD OF MALT WHISKY". Michael Jackson, Malt Whisky Companion. At HIGHLAND PARK we insist on an uncompromising approach to whisky-making. We're one of only a handful of distilleries that slowly malts its barley on the stone floor, physically TURNING IT BY HAND for a more balanced flavour. Next, we smoke it over local AROMATIC PEAT, hand-cut from Hobbister Moor to bring a unique fragrant heather character to the whisky. Then it's placed into oak casks - not just your usual bourbon casks though - SHERRY OAK CASKS FROM SPAIN that cost ten times as much, but bring a priceless natural colour and flavour to our whisky. Then comes the hardest part: leaving it be for 12 or more years to mature in the consistently cool ORCADIAN air. An even when it's ready, we're not. We choose and combine our best casks, then leave them to settle and HARMONISE FOR JUST THAT LITTLE BIT LONGER TO DELIVER OUR COMPLEX WHISKY THE RESULT IS A UNIQUELY SMOOTH, BALANCED SINGLE MALT WITH A RICH FULL FLAVOUR and a gentle smokey finish. It's the kind of DRAM you long for when you've worked as hard as us. AT HIGHLAND PARK, it's taken us over 200 years to know what we know about whisky. If you'd like to discover more for yourself, visit us at www.highlandpark.co.uk Here you can learn more about whisky making and tasting, and join the Inner Circle - our club for friends of HIGHLAND PARK.


ESTABLISHED IN SCOTLAND 1823. The TRIPLE DISTILLED, award winning, extra smooth, SINGLE MALT renowned for its soft, delicate flavour. A fruity Lowland Malt, produced in SCOTLAND since 1823, under the watchful eye of the Distillery Manager. MATURED IN BOURBON OAK CASKS. DISTILLED AND BOTTLED IN SCOTLAND In the Gaelic tongue, Auchentoshan means 'the corner of the field': a clear illustration of the Lowland backdrop of the distillery, ideally situated between the Kilpatrick hills, Loch Lomond and the modern cosmopolitan city of Glasgow. At Auchentoshan, unlike any other distillery in Scotland, the spirit is triple distilled to create a single malt whisky that is both pure and smooth - renowned for its soft, delicate character. Triple distilled and matured solely in American Bourbon casks. The result: A Lowland single malt whisky with the sweet aromas of vanilla, coconut, and the signature smooth, delicate, Auchentoshan taste.


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