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Benedictine Liqueur (500ml)
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Benedictine Liqueur (500ml)

The price of Benedictine Liqueur (500ml) in ASDA is £17.00. For each 100ml of Benedictine Liqueur (500ml) the price is £3.40. £17.00 (£3.40/100ml)
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Heritage. Created in 1510 by Dom Bernardo Vincelli as a reviving elixir - a Bénédictine monk skilled in the production of herbal remedies who had settled in the monastery at the Normandy port of moreFécamp. The monastic order guarded the secret recipe and handed it down through the generations for hundred of years. In 1789, revolution swept through France overthrowing much of the old order. The monastery at Fécamp was destroyed by fire and the monks fled leaving behind many precious possessions including the secret recipe. In 1863, Alexandre LeGrand (the son of a local wine merchant) discovered an old manuscript amongst family documents which he recognised as a recipe. Using his considerable knowledge of wines and spirits, he deciphered the manuscript and produced the secret recipe for the first time for almost a century. As a tribute to its creator, he called the drink Bénédictine. The initials DOM which appear on each bottle of Bénédictine stand for "Deo Optimo Maximo" - to God, the good, most great.
How is it made? The recipe includes over 27 herbs and spices from all over the world, eg Cardamom from India, nutmeg and cloves from the Comoro Islands, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, myrrh from Saudi Arabia, vanilla from Madagascar. All the ingredients are carefully weighed and sorted to form four separate blends. Each of these is then distilled individually and matured for 3 months in oak casks before blending. The resulting combination is matured for more than a year, to allow the flavours to marry before filtering and bottling. This long and complex process, which takes more than 2 years, is carefully monitored at each stage to ensure the consistency of quality demanded by Bénédictine.
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