What can mySupermarket do for you? A lot.
Our savvy shopping tools make it as easy as possible for you to do your shopping
and most importantly to save you really meaningful amounts of money.
Save Money
Savvy Buys
These are the 'real' deals and only
we can show you them. These items
are at least 30% less than their
average price this year.
Swap & Save
We'll look at each item in your
trolley and suggest when to swap
for a cheaper similar item or another
size with a better unit price.
We find all the best vouchers for
each store to help you save even

Split Checkout
Each retailer has a its range of cheap
products. So when you checkout,
we check if you could save more by
splitting your basket between 2
stores – sending each product to
where it costs less.
Earn cashback on 100s of products.
These offers are exclusive for
mySupermarket shoppers- you can't
get them anywhere else.
Switch stores
We compare your basket across all
stores and tell you if you can get it
for less elsewhere. You can switch
stores instantly!
Top Offers
Finding good deals can be a quite a
chore. That's where we come in –
we scan prices, and do the math for
you. Find those saving the most in
"Top Offers"
Save Time
11 stores in 1
Your one-stop shop for all UK online
grocery stores. We make savvy
shopping easy and help you get the
best value for your shopping.
Shopping List
Type your shopping list into the
Shopping List notepad and we'll show
you options for every product in an
Import Favourites
No need to start from scratch. You
can import your Favourites from any
retailer in an instant and shop for
your Favs in any store.
Book Delivery
Easily book your delivery slot with
any retailer on our site so you won't
have to worry about that step after
we transfer your basket.
Save Everywhere
The mySupermarket App
The only shopping app you’ll ever need.
Take mySupermarket with you in store
Price Alerts
An around the clock price watch.
Add an alert to any product and
we'll let you know as soon its
price drops!
mySupermarket Companion
Download the Companion to your
PC and we'll pop up when you shop
at other grocery sites. We'll show
savings in ways your store can’t.
Recipe Ingredients
Shop for ingredients direct from
recipe pages on leading recipe sites
like BBC Good Food. Click "Buy Now"
and we'll find the items you need.