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Colgate Total Toothpaste Pump (100ml)
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Colgate Total Toothpaste Pump (100ml)

The price of Colgate Total Toothpaste Pump (100ml) in Tesco is £2.99. For each 100ml of Colgate Total Toothpaste Pump (100ml) the price is £2.99. £2.99 (£2.99/100ml)
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12 hours clean feel: You will experience a longer lasting clean feel – no more furry teeth
Freshens breath: You will have fresher breath for 12 hours of fresh breath confidence
Strengthens moreEnamel: Within 24 hours you will have stronger enamel
Improves Gum health: Within 4 weeks you will have improved gum health
Whitens your teeth: What’s more in just one tube you will have whiter teeth
Complete protection for a healthy mouth: cavities, tartar, plaque, enamel, gum problems, staining, sensitive teeth, bad breath
Take better care of your mouth with Colgate Total Bacteria are the cause of most dental problems. Colgate Total combines cavity fighting fluoride with an advanced antibacterial system to provides superior antibacterial protection and fight most common dental problems.
Advanced The original mint flavour for complete non-stop 12 hour protection.
What makes Colgate® Total® different from other Toothpastes? Product description: Colgate® Total® toothpastes contain a unique antibacterial system which gives you 12 hour protection that continues to work even after eating or drinking. It is clinically proven patented formula provides unbeatable protection against the most common dental problems, providing you with a healthier mouth. What’s more Colgate® Total® Advanced is family-friendly, so you can have a healthier mouth all-around.
What do dentists think about Colgate® Total®? More dentists use Colgate® Total® than any other brand of toothpaste*. *Icon Added Value Survey, 180 dentists, Dec. 2012
Does Colgate® Total® continue to work even after I eat or drink? The unique formula in Colgate® Total® contains a combination of ingredients which attach to your teeth and gums after you brush, forming a protective barrier that keeps working between brushings. This barrier provides 12 hour non-stop protection even when you eat or drink. Brush twice daily with Colgate® Total® and your whole mouth is protected for 12 hours.
How does Colgate® Total® work to provide non-stop protection? Brushing with Colgate® Total® forms a protective anti-bacterial barrier on your teeth and gums that protects against the re-growth of plaque for 12 hours. This is due to the unique formula in Colgate® Total® containing an antibacterial ingredient which is retained on the tooth surface and the gums by a copolymer. It protects you for 12 hours each time you brush, against dental plaque and gum problems and does not get washed away even when you eat or drink.
What is the clinical evidence to support the efficacy of Colgate® Total®? Colgate® Total® has extensive clinical support with over 80 published studies done with more than 19,000 subjects. This outstanding clinical record is also documented by the fact that Colgate® Total® is supported by different scientific review publications written by independent dental experts (e.g. Blinkhorn publication in BDJ, 2009). Colgate® Total® is: Clinically proven to provide a more effective level of plaque control than a regular toothpaste; Clinically proven to limit harmful bacteria build up; Clinically proven to effectively protect against caries with its fluoride content (1450ppm).
Can I use Colgate® Total® everyday? Yes. Colgate® Total® is well suited for daily use. Brush twice a day with Colgate® Total® and you'll know that your teeth will be cleaner and your breath will be fresher around the clock. less


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