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Disaronno Amaretto (500ml)

The price of Disaronno Amaretto (500ml) in Tesco is £14.00.For each 100ml of Disaronno Amaretto (500ml) the price is £2.80. With the Multibuy offer, the discounted price per unit is £2.60. £14.00 £13.00
(£2.60/100ml)13 ClubCard points
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£14.00 £12.00
£14.00 £12.00
£14.00 £13.00
£14.00 £13.00

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  • The world's favourite Italian liqueur Disaronno captures the senses with its amber colour, rich aroma and incomparable taste which has made it the world's favourite Italian liqueur. For great cocktail ideas, visit: www.disaronno.com
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    You can also make some interesting cocktails with Jagermeister! Why not try out the ‘Jagerbomb’ cocktail. To make this simply drop a shot glass of Jagermeister into a glass of Red Bull. Or try out the 'Jagermonster' by mixing Jagermeister with Grenadine and orange juice. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous and want to try mixing this spirit with something else then try the ‘Green Dragon’. It’s made with 60ml gin, 30ml crème de menthe, 15ml Jägermeister, 15ml lime juice, and a few dashes of orange bitters.
    £18.50 £16.50(£2.36/100ml)


Disaronno Amaretto is the world's favourite Italian Liqueur. Amaretto is an amber-coloured, almond tasting, smooth and aromatic liqueur that offers incomparable taste. The company dates back to 1525.

You can drink Amaretto a few different ways - here are the Disaronno favourites:
1. The original: Drink a shot over ice with a squeeze of lemon
2. The classic: Pour a shot of Amaretto into a glass of strong black coffee. Add some sugar to taste and finish with a layer of cream on top.
3. The cooler: Add 1 shot of Amaretto, 3 shots of cranberry juice and 2 shots of orange juice.

It can be used in many other cocktail recipes as well. Amaretto is also a popular liqueur to add to desserts. It adds a bit of a punch to whipped cream and ice cream but it can be included inside the actual baking ingredients. Another good use for Ammaretto is in spicy meat and fish dishes, where it can help to enhance flavours.

14 UK Units.

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