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Laphroaig Quarter Cask (700ml)

The price of Laphroaig Quarter Cask (700ml) in Tesco is £36.00.For each 100ml of Laphroaig Quarter Cask (700ml) the price is £5.14. £36.00
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  • The only fully peated Highland malt - An intriguing proposition for any malt connoisseur Full, but relatively light, peating means more flavours compared to more heavily peated malts - The result is a more rounded flavour Enjoys the highest quality maturation, first in ex-bourbon barrels and then in traditional Quarter Casks - Greater contact with the oak gives a subtle sweetness Ardmore Traditional Cask Appearance Burnished gold. Nose A rich softness linked with a smooth, slightly dry aroma, combined with gentle, earthy, peat smoke. Palate Full and rich flavours fill the mouth with a creamy peat tang and a touch of vanilla and sweet ripe fruit. Finish Full, succulent and quite long. The Ardmore distillery was first established in 1898 by Adam Teacher, descendant of William Teacher; the founder of the famous Teacher's blended Scotch whisky and it is the fingerprint malt of the blend. Ardmore Traditional Cask is the only fully peated malt whisky from the Highlands of Scotland. Ardmore is the only Highland malt whisky to be fully peated. Mainland Scottish peating creates a different flavour than found on Islay, less ‘iodine’ and softer. The peating is subtle at 12 to 15 parts per million (vs 50 for Laphroaig), allowing more complex flavours to emerge. Ardmore is double cask matured, the second maturation being in small 19th Century style Quarter Casks created specially for Ardmore. Ardmore is bottled at 46% ABV and non-chill filtered, a more traditional process that further preserves more of the natural flavours. Ardmore is unusual in not carrying an age statement. It is matured between 6 and 13 years, but only our master distiller knows when the cask is ready. The Golden Eagle is the brand symbol and reminder that some things should never change. Both are rare and wonderful, and an encounter with either will live long in the memory. ARDMORE® FOUNDED 1898 HIGHLANDS. PEATED. TRADITIONAL CASK. MATURED FOR A FINAL PERIOD IN SMALL 19TH CENTURY STYLE 'QUARTER CASKS'. NON-CHILL FILTERED. Full & rich, with unique Highland peat-smoke notes. A lightly peated Highland malt with a final maturation in Quarter Casks, Ardmore is very much a rarity. Much like the magnificent Scottish Golden Eagle, still found riding the warm thermals above our distillery. TYPE: HIGHLAND SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY. METHOD: DOUBLE CASK MATURED. 100% PEATED. NON-CHILL FILTERED. TASTE: FULL, SMOOTH, PEAT-SMOKE AND EARTHY RICHNESS, TEMPERED BY SUBTLE SWEETNESS. Founded in 1898 by one of Scotland's most famous whisky families, Ardmore Single Malt has a long commitment to quality. William Teacher was a believer in traditional distilling methods and insisted that Ardmore only used the aromatic smoke from natural, Highland peat fires to dry our malted barley. Sadly, today, the high cost has meant that only one Highland Distillery still routinely fully 'peats' its standard malt. Ardmore is rightly proud to the be that distillery. Our traditional methods extend to maturation. Ardmore Traditional Cask is double matured, first in the most usual oak barrels, and then in much smaller 'Quarter Casks'. These were common in the 19th century, but are too costly for most distillers to use today. Finally, bottled at 46% ABV, Ardmore is only barrier rather than chill filtered thus preserving the natural flavours. These methods ensure we maintain the quality of our uniquely complex and rewarding malt whisky. www.ardmorewhisky.com 46% VOL.
  • The most richly flavoured of all Scotch whiskies Matured in ex-bourbon barrels and quarter casks, then finish in European oak Distilled on the remote island of Islay off the west coast of Scotland The No 1 Islay malt in the UK and globally - The only Islay malt you will need to stock Unmistakable peat-smoke flavours - An unforgettable, challenging yet rewarding experience A truly iconic brand - Instantly recognised around the world and with a global community of over 540,000 Friends of Laphroaig The only single malt Scotch whisky to be awarded the Royal Warrant by HRH Prince of Wales - The Royal Crest on the distillery and on every bottle of Laphroaig is the ultimate seal of approval of the highest quality product This expression of our famous whisky has enjoyed a triple maturation. First it is aged in ex-bourbon barrels, then in small 19th century style quarter casks. The final maturation is in large European oak casks, resulting in the perfect marriage of peat, oak and subtle sherry sweetness. This style of maturation brings together 3 different types of barrel and traditions: ex-bourbon, now used predominantly for Scotch whisky maturation, large European oak casks (known as 'Butts') and traditional quarter casks, which are themselves one-quarter the size of the European oak. The first maturation is in ex-bourbon barrels, we then transfer to quarter casks, which impart additional depth and fullness, whilst retaining our traditional peat smoke. The final maturation is in European oak butts. These large vessels, which used to contain oloroso sherry, have been specially selected to have a subtle influence. The combination of slow maturation due to their large size, the European oak wood and the very gentle sherry finishing, adds to the influence of the 2 other barrels to create a more complex, rounded flavour. The result is the perfect marriage of peat smoke, oak and subtle sweetness. What Makes Laphroaig Special? The definitive Islay single malt: Peaty, smoky, challenging, rewarding. One of the most richly peated whiskies (up to 50 ppm). The high level of peat gives it its characteristic taste. Only one of a few distilleries that still uses traditional malting floors. It dries the malted barley over a peat fire made from hand cut peat from its own peat beds in Islay. This adds to the distinctive, pungent, peaty, iodine aroma. Matured exclusively in first fill bourbon casks. Warehouse location close to the sea, imparts a slightly sea salty character. Appearance Bright gold. Nose Sweet raisins and creamy apricots give way to dry peat smoke. Palate Initial burst of peat is followed by creamier flavours of vanilla and fruit with a suggestion of sherry sweetness. Finish Mouth-filling and extremely long, but balanced by the sweet smooth caramel taste. The island of Islay is situated on the rugged west coast of Scotland, a beautiful yet uncompromising place at the mercy of the sea, wind and rain. In the corner of the island is a distillery in a special place, a “beautiful hollow by the broad bay” or, in gaelic “Laphroaig”. The Laphroaig distillery was founded here in 1815. 1815 Laphroaig distillery founded by Donald and Alexander Johnston on the site of a farm, beside the Atlantic, with a steady source of water from nearby Kilbride Hills. Laphroaig means ‘beautiful hollow by the broad bay’. 1920s First major expansion by family member Ian Hunter. Laphroaig bottled as a single malt for the first time. Laphroaig was sold legally during prohibition in the USA on medicinal grounds. 1954 Bessie Williamson became Manager and Owner at the request of Ian Hunter. She started as a short-term secretary and ended up staying for 40 years. Entrusted with the secrets of Laphroaig, she was one of the first women owner 1972 Bessie retired after making a number of improvements, including expanding the still house. By Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales, Distiller and Supplier of Single Malt Scotch Whisky, D. Johnston & Co., (Laphroaig) Isle of Islay. Go to www.laphroaig.com to learn more and to become a friend of Laphroaig.
  • Non chill-filtered A Taste of Uigeadail "An intense symphony of smoky peat reek, scrumptious fruit cake leather. Warm and deep with a spicy kick. Long, luscious and full-bodied." Ardbeg Uigeadail (pronounced Oog-a-dal), takes its name from the brooding, mysterious loch which provides the peat-laden water for Ardbeg. This is a special vatting of different styles of Ardbeg, marrying together its traditional deep, smoky notes with the luscious, sweet, raisiny tones of old ex-Sherry casks. Ardbeg Uigeadail is non chill-filtered at high strength which retains Maximum Flavour and gives more body and added depth. With water a little cloudiness may occur which is Perfectly Natural. "Unquestionably the greatest distillery to be found on Earth. If perfection on the palate exists, this is it" Jim Murray's, "The Complete Book of Whisky." Ardbeg is Islay, Islay is Ardbeg The Ardbeg Distillery lies on the most southerly part of Islay and the rugged shores of Atlantic Ocean. Ardbeg is revered around the world as the peatiest, smokiest, most complex whisky of them all. Yet it does not flaunt the peat; rather the peat gives way to the malt, the natural sweetness of which subtly intrudes, producing perfect balance. The unusual spirit still with its purifier, the only one of its kinds on Islay, is what many believe contributes to this balance and complexity, making Ardbeg the malt to which all others aspire ....truly the Ultimate Islay Malt. Shortie 'The Peatiest nose on Islay... apart from Ardbeg, that is' Ardbeg Committee 'This is absolutely the best committee that I have ever sat on and the only one that meets at midnight beside a Celtic cross. Slainte!' Dr. David Wishart, Scotland. Join the Ardbeg Committee at ardbeg.com
  • Glenmorangie Lasanta, single malt Scotch whisky is distilled and matured in Ross-shire, Scotland. Glenmorangie Lasanta is made using the highest quality Spanish Oloroso sherry casks that have been carefully selected for extra maturation so the Scotch will have a rich sherry finish to it. It’s then non-chill filtered and bottled at 46% ABV resulting in a full-bodied and rich single malt whisky, with a wonderfully long and smooth finish with notes of spice and nut. Lasanta means “warmth and passion’ in Gaelic which is a fitting name for this whisky with a sherry finish.

    Glenmorangie is one of the most well know distilleries with the tallest stills in Scotland. In Gaelic the company name literally means “Glen of Tranquillity”. They are a company that sees distilling whisky as a craft so they go out of their way to source the very best oak casks from across the ocean and, unlike other distilleries, they only use each cask twice instead of many times. Their innovation and quest for perfection make Glenmorangie whisky’s perfectly balanced, and a favourite among the Scots.

    12 year old Scotch, 46% alc. Vol. Please drink alcohol responsibly.


BY APPOINTMENT TO HRH THE PRINCE OF WALES, DISTILLER AND SUPPLIER OF SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY, D. JOHNSTON & CO., (LAPHROAIG) DUMBARTON. Bottled at the natural distillery strength of 55.7% vol, straight from the wood. LAPHROAIG DISTILLERY. ESTABLISHED 1815. Original Cask Strength Laphroaig whisky is a pure single Islay malt bottled at natural distillery strength. The whisky's rich flavours come through as never before because the whisky has not been chill-filtered. This gives a depth of genuine taste and texture normally associated with sampling a whisky at source. We mature Laphroaig whisky in seasoned oak barrels and this imbues the whisky with the heart and strength of the wood. These barrels are charred before filling to impact the slight sweet vanilla nuttiness of the oak. Original Cask Strength Laphroaig whisky is barrier-filtered only, to remove the small char particles that are present, but this filtering does not change or lessen the flavour in any way. Emphatic, full-bodied and utterly unforgettable. www.laphroaig.com 55.7% vol.

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